Our Health Professional Team

There is a specialist team of health professionals working in your GP practice. This might include Nurses, Physician Associates, Pharmacist and Physiotherapists. Here’s a quick guide to what they all do.

Physician Associate

Work with the GPs to support patients by diagnosing illness or injuries and performing physical examinations.


Provide information and advice about the safe and effective use of medication as well as monitoring progress.


Diagnose, assess and treat problems with muscles, bones and joints, through supported exercise and stretching.

Nurse Practitioners

Diagnose and treat illnesses and ailments often focusing on minor illness or new conditions and prescribing medicines.

Advanced Care Practitioners

Assess, diagnose and monitor complex conditions through examinations, testing and prescribing medicines.

Practice Nurses

Treat wounds, apply dressings, vaccinations and provide emergency first aid as well as taking swabs, smears and samples.

Social Prescriber Link Worker

Look at how illness affects all parts of your life and helps you get the support you need with day-to-day challenges.

Health & Wellbeing Coaches

Works with GPs to support patients by diagnosing illness or injuries and performing physical examinations under clinical supervision.

Patient Coordinator

Trained to assess and direct you to speak to the right person. Might ask you questions to make sure you get the right care.


Trained to collect blood samples from patients, and send them off for analysis and testing.

Care Coordinators

Provide support for patients with complex needs and help you learn how to manage your own health.

Not everyone needs to see a Doctor. Your GP practice will make sure you get the right care as quickly as possible.

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